Economic sociology – the european electronic newsletter / new issue

Current Issue:
Vol. 16, No. 1 – November 2014

The November Issue 2014 of the European Electronic Newsletter in Economic Sociology has been published.
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Table of Contents:

  • Note from the editor

    Online Markets

  • Reputation in Offline and Online Markets
    by Wojtek Przepiorka
  • The Online Dating Market
    by Andreas Schmitz
  • Online Financial Markets
    by Galit Ailon
  • Interview
    Ilan Talmud interviewed by Asaf Darr
  • New Frontiers in Economic Sociology

    Death Interrupted: Contemporary Economies of Death and Dying
    by Roi Livne

    A History of the French Funeral Market
    by Pascale Trompette

  • The Global Community of Economic Sociology and Political Economy
    by Oleg Komlik
  • Call for Submission
  • Book Reviews



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