Vient de paraître : Concerned Markets. Economic Ordering for Multiple Values

Concerned Markets Economic Ordering for Multiple Value (Edward Elgar Pub)

Edited by Susi Geiger, Debbie Harrison, Hans Kjellberg and Alexandre Mallard

Résumé :

Concerned Markets tackles the intersection between markets and politics, investigating the very current issue of designing markets to include multiple values.

When political, social, technological and economic interests, values, and perspectives interact, market order and performance become contentious issues of debate. Such ‘hot’ situations are becoming increasingly common and make for rich sites of research. With expert empirical contributions investigating the organization of such ‘concerned’ markets, this book is positioned at the centre of the rapidly growing area of interdisciplinary market studies. Markets investigated include those for palm oil, primary health care and functional foods. The authors also examine markets and environmental concerns as well as better market design for those at the bottom of the pyramid.

Scholars, postgraduate and PhD level students in finance, economic sociology, marketing, organisation theory and economics will find this book essential reading. Policymakers and practitioners will benefit from the fresh insight into the design and maintenance of market systems.


Sommaire :

1. Being Concerned about Markets
Susi Geiger, Debbie Harrison, Hans Kjellberg and Alexandre Mallard

2. Expressing Concerns over the Incentive as a Public Policy Device
Guus Dix

3. Marketization by the (Rule)book: Concern for Market and Public Values in Primary Care
Linus Johansson Krafve

4. Concerns and Marketization: The Case of Sustainable Palm Oil
Simona D’Antone and Robert Spencer

5. Engaging Diverging Interests Through Pricing: The Case of Maize for Bioenergy Production in Germany
Jürgen Hauber and Chantal Ruppert-Winkel

6. Credible Qualifications: The Case of Functional Foods
Frank Azimont and Luis Araujo

7. Designing Better Markets for People at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Bottom-up Market Design
Ronika Chakrabarti and Katy Mason

8. Articulating Matters of Concern in Markets: (En)tangling Goods, Market Agencies and Overflows
Winfred Ikiring Onyas and Annmarie Ryan

9. Doing Green: Environmental Concerns and the Realization of Green Values in Everyday Food Practices
Hans Kjellberg and Ingrid Stigzelius

10. Concerned Markets: Facing the Future, Beyond ‘Interested’ and ‘Contested’ Markets
Franck Cochoy



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