Lancement d’une nouvelle revue Journal of Business Anthropology

lancement d’une nouvelle revue “Journal of Business Anthropology”,

Extrait de la présentation :

The JBA is an Open Access journal which publishes the results of anthropological research in business organizations and business situations of all kinds.
The inaugural issue features articles by Marietta Baba, Allen Batteau and Carolyn E. Psenka, Melissa Cefkin, Barbara Czarniawska, and Annamma Joy and Eric P. H. LI, as well as an introduction by editors Brian Moeran and Christina Garsten.
Based on fieldwork, participant-observation and more general ethnographic methods, the journal’s articles, case studies, and field reports are designed to develop an understanding of a wide variety of business practices; to bring to bear theoretical contributions from anthropology and related disciplines that may guide business practitioners in their day-to-day working lives; and to encourage discussion of what does and what does not, constitute ‘fieldwork’ and ‘ethnography’, as well as how they may be carried out, in corporations and other kinds of business organizations. Through the variety of its offerings, the journal encourages reflection upon different ways of writing up and presenting research findings.”

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carolinedufy (2012, 13 juin). Lancement d’une nouvelle revue Journal of Business Anthropology. Sociologie économique. Consulté le 4 mars 2024, à l’adresse

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