[Publication] Representing Talent. Hollywood Agents and the Making of Movies – V. Roussel

Representing Talent. Hollywood Agents and the Making of Movies

Violaine Roussel

Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2017

L’ouvrage explore le monde peu connu des agences artistiques d’Hollywood et le rôle que ces professionnels de l’ombre jouent dans la fabrication des carrières et des projets artistiques.

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Table of Contents

****Prologue: An Agent at Work**
**Chapter One Introduction*
The Invention of Agenting
Filling a Lacuna in the Sociology of Hollywood
Facing Stereotypes
In the Field with Hollywood Agents
What This Book Unveils: Agents and (E)valuation Communities
*Chapter Two Mapping Hollywood*
Agenting in Big versus Little Hollywood
“The Other Side:” Interdependent Transformations of Studios and
The New Reality of Agenting in Big Hollywood
*Chapter Three The Making of Professionals in Talent Agencies*
“Fulfilling Somebody Else’s Dreams”
An Agent’s Initiatory Path
Under the Wing of a Mentor
Forming “Generations” in Hollywood
*Chapter Four Agenting as Relationship Work*
The Meaning of Relationships
The Definition of an Agent’s Style
“Trust” between Agents and Production Professionals
*Chapter Five Agents and Artists: Enchanted Bonds and Power Relations*
Agents’ Emotional Competence
Controlling Talent?
Embedded Identities and Hierarchies
*Chapter Six Naming Quality and Pricing Talent*
Agents in Hollywood’s Evaluation Communities
“What It Takes to Get a Movie Made”
Pricing the Unique
*Chapter Seven Agents of Change: The Formation of New Evaluation
**Conclusive Word

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