Colloque international sur les systèmes monétaires alternatifs, La Haye, 19-22 juin 2013

2nd International Conference on Complementary Currency Systems: Multiple moneys and development

Organised by the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) in The Hague of Erasmus University Rotterdam

June 19th to 22nd, 2013 (Academic strand: 19th and 20th June; Practitioners’ strand: 21st and 22nd June)

The conference seeks to discuss the social, economic and political significance of multiple currency systems for development. It calls for papers on complementary currency systems, historical experiences with multiple monies, alternative exchange networks, and other practices with diverse means of payment. The 2nd International Conference on Complementary Currency Systems also aims at consolidating the practice of holding a meeting every two years for researchers and practitioners on the topic.

It offers space to academics and practitioners alike to organize panels, workshops, and any other session formats that participants see fit to stimulate the exchange of ideas and experiences. In principle the conference will have two strands with academic and practitioners’ activities respectively but there will be various instances for interconnection. The first two days of the conference (June 19th and June 20th) will concentrate the academic panels and the last two days (June 21st and June 22nd) will focus on the practitioners’ activities. The conference will take place in the ISS building in The Hague.

The conference will be bilingual (English and Spanish) with sessions organized in either language.

Conference fees’ waivers and travel subsidies are available but in great demand. Please submit your request  with your abstract, with details on what kind of waiver or subsidy you require and a budget for your travel expenses, if applicable.

Pour plus d’information, le site web de la conférence:

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