Economic Sociology – The European Electronic Newsletter – November 2018

The November Issue 2018 of the European Electronic Newsletter in Economic Sociology has been published.
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Table of Contents:

  • Note from the editors
    Is there a Latin American economic sociology?
  • The social fabric of a debt economy: Mexican immigrants in the 2008 mortgage crisis
    by Magdalena Villareal
  • Financial repertoires in the making: Understanding the US dollar’s popularization in Argentina
    by Mariana Luzzi and Ariel Wilkis
  • Debt management by young couples from Santiago, Chile: From family networks towards the financial system
    by Lorena Pérez-Roa
  • Banks in the Brazilian favela: A study of the relations between bank branches and residents of an urban region targeted by “pacification” policies
    by Lúcia Helena Alves Müller
  • Book Reviews
  • PhD Projects


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