Call for paper: 4S 2019, Open Panel 32 “Data & Markets”

Call for paper: 4S 2019, Open Panel 32 “Data & Markets”

We invite your submissions to an Open Panel dedicated to “Data & Markets” at the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) annual meeting which will be held in New Orleans, 4-7 September 2019 (

STS scholars have long been interested in the assorted and diverse devices that equip markets, from market infrastructures to mundane marketing tools like shopping carts, knowledge devices, and measuring instruments. As markets are digitized, data are a key element in the operation of markets in a variety of forms: consumer records, scoring and targeting instruments, customization engines, algorithmic pricing, vending and trading machines. Hence, data act as a versatile, yet vital, apparatus for markets, through the construction of data as a device, a valuation tool, an infrastructure, or an asset. This panel aims to explore these various facets of data, and how these help to achieve markets. We particularly – though not exclusively – welcome contributions on three aspects of market ‘datafication’. First, emergent data-based “images” of the consumer enhance classic customer representations produced by marketing, through data innovations in CRM databases, data brokers’ segments, cookie-based data pools, and social media data. What lies behind these data doubles, and what are their lived and experiential effects on consumers? Secondly, with big data technologies, marketing knowledge is increasingly produced from the analysis of large databases that combine a diverse array of information on consumers, products, firms, and market operations. These data are then stabilized through metrics, dashboards and standards. How do these new knowledge devices reconfigure practices? Third, data fuels market automation mechanisms, such as algorithmic pricing, recommendation engines, programmatic advertising, high-frequency trading. How do algorithmic markets and digital platforms take place in practice, and how do they reconfigure market agencements?


–          Thomas Beauvisage, Orange Labs

–          Franck Cochoy, University Toulouse Jean Jaurès

–          Mary Ebeling, Drexel University

–          Kevin Mellet, Orange Labs

The deadline for submitting proposals is 1st February 2019.

Submission link (open panel #32): 

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