AAC – Impacts of Finance & Financing of Impacts (deadline 29 janvier)

Appel à communication pour le congrès de la société suisse de sociologie, qui se tiendra à Genève le 28-30 juin 2021.

Impacts of Finance & Financing of Impacts 

Lena Ajdacic, University of Lausanne; Felix Bühlmann, University of Lausanne; Fabien Foureault, University of Lausanne; Noé Kabouche, University of Neuchatel & Sciences Po, Paris; François Schoenberger, University of Lausanne. 

Since the 1970s, financialization of economic life has turned finance, financial behaviors and financial mechanisms into omnipresent companions of our everyday life. Financialization is defined by Krippner (2005) as a “pattern of accumulation in which profits accrue primarily through financial channels rather than through trade and commodity production”. This evolution goes along with a massive spread of investment activities into social life, involving citizens in financial schemes (Boussard, 2017; Carruthers & Arriovich, 2010) and granting financial institutions a growing influence in domains such as politics, culture or health alike. In this workshop, we would like to discuss the concept of financialization and the impact finance has on governments, firms and individuals. On the one hand, we shall examine the impacts of financial activities on our societies (Arrighi, 1994; Tregenna, 2009; Godechot, 2012; Lazarus, 2020). What influence does finance have on politics and policy making, for instance in the domains of taxation, housing or welfare? How does financialization transform business, corporate governance and organization of the economic processes (Davis, 2009; Baker & Smith, 1998)? How does financialization influence the distribution of wealth, risks and income? How does finance affect social justice and social equality (Lin & Tobias Neely, 2020)? From the aftermaths of financial crises on households to the inequalities of remuneration within financial institutions, we are interested how finance impacts our lives. On the other hand, we would like to examine the concept of impact, but backwards, by focusing on a movement of finance that aims at investing in positive social impacts. Sustainable finance denotes practices that link social and environmental justice to financial activities, through authority of state and regulation (Chiapello, 2015; Knoll, 2015, 2019), as well as through action of NGOs (Soule, 2009) or private initiatives, with responsible investments (Sparkes & Cowton, 2004). Today, the actors of this sector claim that the financial sector has a major role to play in the main social challenges of our time, advocating for the spread of social and ecological investments, for instance known as microfinance, ESG investing or impact investing (Barman, 2015; Gregory, 2016; Höchstädter & Scheck, 2015). For this workshop we welcome contributions from all theoretical and methodological approaches. Our aim is to create a dialogue between research papers that focus on one or both aspects of this proposal. This discussion shall enable us to think about the place and the role of finance in the current issues related to social justice in Switzerland and beyond. 

Please submit your proposal to Noé Kabbouche: noe.kabouche@unine.ch

Deadline for submissions: January 29, 2021 Abstracts length: maximum ~500 words


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Sidonie Naulin (2021, 11 janvier). AAC – Impacts of Finance & Financing of Impacts (deadline 29 janvier). Sociologie économique. Consulté le 4 mars 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/uaym

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