SER Café: Close Relationships, Trust, and the Economy

Join us for the next SER Café on November 16th! ☀️

We’re excited to announce the next SER Café: Close Relationships, Trust, and the Economy, featuring a conversation with SER authors Wenjuan Zheng (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), David Shulman (Lafayette College), and Kent Grayson (Northwestern University).
Join us for a discussion of close relationships and the potential and pitfalls of trust in the economy, as well as the ways technology can mediate these dynamics. Shulman and Grayson’s paper “Et Tu, Brute? Unraveling the puzzle of deception and broken trust in close relations” (2023) discusses why closeness, as with friends or coworkers, is no guarantee of trust, revisiting theoretical discussions of trust to shed light on detection errors and associational dilemmas. Meanwhile, Zheng’s paper “Converting donation to transaction: how platform capitalism exploits relational labor in non-profit fundraising” (2023) investigates what happens when platforms intermediate trusting relationships, demonstrating how they reconfigure charity events and mediate civic interactions through invisible value extraction.
Together, these papers offer insights into how trust is built, maintained, and challenged in a world increasingly facilitated by technology.
The event will take place on Thursday, November 16th, at 9 AM PST/12 PM EST/6 PM CET.
Register here: 
As with all SER Café events, we will facilitate a dynamic conversation with the authors rather than lengthy talks. Come ready to engage. 
Socio-Economic Review (SER) is the official journal of SASE. It is part of a broader movement in the social sciences that returns to the economy’s socio-political foundations. Devoted to advancing socio-economics, SER deals with the analytical, political and moral questions arising at the intersection of economy and society. Articles in SER explore how the economy […]

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